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Somewhere in my application, I have a query:

$sql = SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY column1;

I pass this query to my class, which generates a table:

$table = new HtmlTable($sql)

This $table object has a method 'groupBy', which should alter the $sql string and it should add second column in the ORDER BY clause, so the query should look like:

$sql = SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY added_column, column;

I tried this:

select * from (SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY column1) innerSQL ORDER BY innerSQL.column2

but it does not sort correctly ..

Actually, what I need is this:

$sql = SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY column2, column1;

But i don't know, how can I alter the $sql string inside the HtmlTable class ..

Any ideas?

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I already tried this solution and it does not work .. –  Juraj Marusiak Oct 18 '12 at 13:26

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You can use a regular expression to do it. Here's an example of how your method could look like:

protected function groupBy($sql) {
  return preg_replace('/ORDER BY (.*)/i', 'ORDER BY SomeField, $1', $sql);

What it does is replacing "ORDER BY " with "ORDER BY , SomeField". Here's an example to test it:

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY column1';
$sql = preg_replace('/ORDER BY (.*)/i', 'ORDER BY SomeField, $1', $sql);
echo $sql;
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This would work (assuming @Juraj has access to the guts of HtmlTable, which isn't clear from the question), but I think the original requirement is to add the new field first, so the replacement should be 'ORDER BY SomeField, $1' –  Palpatim Oct 18 '12 at 13:16
He wrote "This $table object has a method 'groupBy', which should alter the $sql string", therefore I assume that he can modify the groupBy method. You're right about the field order, I put it after by mistake. I'm correcting the answer now, thanks. –  Diego Oct 18 '12 at 13:20
I can modify it and I'll try this solution, thx .. –  Juraj Marusiak Oct 18 '12 at 13:24

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