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I know how to create input/ output stream sockets using NSStream class. I was able to make a TCP connection and SSL connection also. But I don't know how can I make a stream socket connection to a HTTP_PROXY Server. Server also requires sending the Username/ password.

Is this possible using NSStream API's?

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For someone who is stuck like me. This is how I solved it.

  • Use CFReadStreamCreateForHTTPRequest rather than CFStreamCreatePairWithSocketToHost.
  • Use the correct proxy keys - kCFStreamPropertyHTTPProxyHost and kCFStreamPropertyHTTPProxyPort.

       CFHTTPMessageRef    request;
       request = CFHTTPMessageCreateRequest(
           (__bridge CFURLRef) [NSURL URLWithString:@"http://www.apple.com/"], 
       assert(request != NULL);
       self.inputStream = CFBridgingRelease( 
           CFReadStreamCreateForHTTPRequest(NULL, request)
       if (YES) {
           BOOL            success;
           NSDictionary *  proxyDict;
           proxyDict = @{
               (__bridge NSString *) kCFStreamPropertyHTTPProxyHost: @"proxy.example.com",
               (__bridge NSString *) kCFStreamPropertyHTTPProxyPort: @12345,
           success = [self.inputStream setProperty:proxyDict 
               forKey:(__bridge NSString *) kCFStreamPropertyHTTPProxy
       [self.inputStream setDelegate:self];
       [self.inputStream scheduleInRunLoop:[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] 
       [self.inputStream open];
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