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As a main project in 5th semester of CS degree I am doing a research on technologies for realizing real-time server2client communication in a multi-user environment. The deciding factors are:
1. Performance
2. Scalability

3. Ease of implementation
4. Portability
5. Architectural flexibility
6. Community support
7. Licensing fees

Now, I could build a chat application with each technology, which I analyze, and get it over with. The problem is that I don't think that such an app would even remotely reach the boundaries of what a certain technology can do.

So my question is: what kind of prototype application could I build to make a good test for Performance and Scalability?

If it's any help, the technologies which I am going to test are: SignalR, Pusher, Pubnub, LightStreamer.

Thank you in advance!

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Not a "popular" answer, although:

My experience shows me that each and every case is special.
There is not prototype application for that, except for generic tools like ab (generic to some degree, uh).

For each test you simply have to get the right "ingredients".

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I will certainly take a look at ab, thanks! – reederz Oct 18 '12 at 14:13

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