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I want to get all of the text from the left and go until there is a space and then get one more character after the space.

example: "Brian Spelling" would be "Brian S"

How can I do this in php?

In ASP the code looks like this:

strName1=left(strName1,InStr(strName1, " ")+1)
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$strName1 = "Brian Spelling";
$strName1 = substr($strName1, 0, strpos($strName1, ' ')+2);
echo $strName1;


Brian S
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Excellent, Thank you so much VolkerK – compcobalt Oct 18 '12 at 13:55
  1. Find the index of the space with strpos
  2. Extract the string from the beginning to that index + 2 with substr

Also consider how you might need to update your logic for names like:

  • H. G. Wells
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Cher
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Thank you so much for the explanation! this is almost better then the examples others have provided. – compcobalt Oct 18 '12 at 13:55

Split your string with explode function and substring the first character of the second part with substr function.

$explodedString = explode(" ", $strName1);

$newString = $explodedString[0] . " " . substr($explodedString[1], 1);
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Regexp - makes sure it hits the second word with /U modifier (ungreedy).

$t = "Brian Spelling something else";
preg_match( "/(.*) ./Ui", $t, $r );
echo $r[0];

And you get "Brian S".

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Try this below code

$name="Brian Lara"
$pattern = '/\w+\s[a-zA-Z]/';
echo $match[0];


Brian L
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$string = "Brian Spelling";
$element = explode(' ', $string);
$out = $element[0] . ' ' . $element[1]{0};

and just for fun to take Rob Hruska's answer under advisement you could do something like this:

$skip = array( 'jr.', 'jr', 'sr', 'sr.', 'md' );
$string = "Martin Luther King Jr.";
$element = explode(' ', $string);
$count = count( $element );
if( $count > 1)
    $out = $element[0] . ' ';
    $out .= ( in_array( strtolower( $element[ $count - 1 ] ), $skip ) )
        ? $element[ $count - 2 ]{0} : $element[ $count - 1 ]{0};
} else $out = $string;
echo $out;

-just edited so "Cher" will work too

Add any suffixes that you want to skip add to the $skip array

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