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How can I check if multiple rows have been selected in a grid?

In Dynamics Ax, there a multiselect property that disable button if multiple records have been selected, does the "opposite" exists?

Meaning activating a button only if multiple records have been selected, how can I do this through code?

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Unless that kind of property exists, it seems you have two things here :

  1. check if multiple rows are selected
  2. check it every time the selection changes

Checking for multiple selection

Have a look on axaptapedia : Multiple grid selections to count the selected records.

Checking on selection's change

Look at the InventTable's form where buttons are activated depending on the selection being a bom or not.

Form's methods handling buttons activation like setBOMRouteEnabled are called from datasource's method active.

Following this model you can check for multiple selection on selection's change.

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Merci pour l'info, j'ai effectivement réussi à me débrouiller avec la méthode active() –  Thomas Post Oct 19 '12 at 9:39

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