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A customer ask to create a one step form : registration + login;

I have configure plone to let the user choose the password, so at data level we should be able to achieve this.

Now at code level, I have no idea which API I'm supposed to use to 'logged in' a user while having it's username and password.

By default Plone show two screen after the registration before having the web site:

  • registration form
  • success page with a login button
  • success logged in page.
  • have to move your self in the website has member

I want to short cut this to:

  • registration form
  • redirect to dashboard
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You can use the updateCredentials() method on the acl_users user folder; it'll call the right plugins, resulting in a cookie being set for the user in a default Plone setup:

users = getToolByName(self.context, 'acl_users')
users.updateCredentials(self.request, self.request.response, username, password)

The method needs request, response, username and password parameters.

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Customize portal_skins/plone_login/registered and insert a redirect to the dashboard.

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