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Unity IOC container and how to resolve different instances of the same interface

I have a controller constructor that has two parameters that implement the same interface shown below. I have tried to register these types in Unity also shown below but I have run into a problem.

Controller Constructor

public ControlController(IAdapter daveAdapter, IAdapter bobAdapter)
        DaveAdapter = daveAdapter;
        BobAdapter = bobAdapter;

Unity registration

.RegisterType<IAdapter, DaveAdapter>()
.RegisterType<IAdapter, BobAdapter>()

When the controller is constructed both adapters are resolved as DaveAdapter's instead of one Dave and one Bob. How can I tell unity to differentiate between the two adapters so that the controller has an adapter of each type?

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i don't know Unity but Ninject allows bindings according to parameter name. –  tschmit007 Oct 18 '12 at 13:53

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You can use InjectionConstructor and ResolvedParameter objects in registering controller:

.RegisterType<IAdapter, DaveAdapter>()
.RegisterType<IAdapter, BobAdapter>("Bob")

.RegisterType<ControlController, ControlController>(
    new InjectionConstructor(
      new ResolvedParameter<IAdapter>(),
      new ResolvedParameter<IAdapter>("Bob")
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Thanks that seemed to do the trick! Never thought of registering the controller and using an injection constructor! :D –  scarlin Oct 18 '12 at 13:55

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