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I need to access the raw body of a post request in Google App Script. I see there is something like

function doPost(request) {

that actually returns the right length of the raw content of the request body. So I thought there must be something to get the complete body, e.g. as a String.

I am not looking to access form field parameters that might be transferred using post.

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From the Release Notes of May 9, 2013, use request.postData.getDataAsString():

function doPost(request) {
    var jsonString = request.postData.getDataAsString();
    var jsonData = JSON.parse(jsonString);
    sheet.appendRow([ 'Data1:' , jsonData.Data1 ]); // Just an example
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You can access the raw body of a post by creating a Blob from the parameter. You can then call various methods on the Blob object such as getBytes() or getDataAsString(). The functions are listed here.

function doPost(event) {
  var contentBlob = event.parameter.thefile;
  var contentAsString = contentBlob.getDataAsString();
  var bytes = contentBlob.getBytes();
  // do something with the contents ...
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Thaks for the pointer, but event.parameter seems to be empty if I do not supply a multi part form body, no? Note that I am not looking for a way to access a field in a multi part form post, but look for a way to process the full, raw post body content. – DJCordhose Oct 25 '12 at 22:05
Accessing an uploaded file is different from accessing the request body, and unfortunately I don't think it is currently possible to access the POST body. I also added an answer to this effect: stackoverflow.com/a/13715445/5295 – avernet Dec 5 '12 at 2:37

The simplest way to find out all that you have access to is to print out the request object.

function doPost(request) {

And then do a POST to your script's URL to see the log content

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Thanks, for the hint, but all I see are the parameters and the contentLength: Logger.log([{queryString=null, parameter={}, contextPath=, parameters={}, contentLength=3}, []]) – DJCordhose Oct 18 '12 at 16:08

I don't think it is currently possible to access the POST body, say to implement a REST service. I submitted an enhancement request for this; if you stumbled upon this one, feel free to star it to vote on that issue.

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Depending on the nature of what you are trying do and what control you have over the origination of the post request, you may be able to integrate with the Drive API. If the post data can be sent to the user's Drive account as a file (containing raw JSON data for instance), your script could then locate that file, load it's content, do whatever you need with it (put it in a spreadsheet for example), and optionally trash the Drive file. This assumes, of course, that you have control over how the post request is sent. A workflow might involve:

  1. Client sends post request with data to user's Drive account (tag or name file to be easily identified later)
  2. Upon completion of Drive File creation, client sends a request to your script with parameter "method=consumeData" or such
  3. Your script checks the user's Drive account using the DocList service and retrieves any files uploaded for your script

I haven't tried this yet, but should work!

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This should also work.

function doPost(e) {

  if(typeof e !== 'undefined')

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