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I have uploaded my website to two different servers hosted by two different companies.

This version is hosted by Newtek Technology Services:

This version is hosted by Midphase:

The first site works great, but on the second, fancybox does nothing! The coding and everything is exactly the same, so I think there must be a problem with something on the Midphase host. Maybe something is not turned on or installed properly. I don't know. Has anyone encountered this and can suggest how I might fix the problem on the second site?



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In the second link (your new host at Midphase), all your fancybox files return a 404 error, which it means that the files are not in the place you said, for instance :

....doesn't exists so either or you modified the path or you just simply forgot to upload the fancybox files in the /fancybox/source/ directory

UPDATE: found them!!!

... so your right directory/path (from root) is /newsite2012/fancybox/source/

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