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I have a .xlsx file converted to .csv.I need to write a script to modify this file(change/rename columns etc.) How can I open this .csv file and save it from within the script?


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Open the csv file just like you would open any other file in ruby using the standard File api

csv_file = File.open('data.csv', 'r')

Parse it manually or use a library like FasterCSV. Make your modifications, writeback to the file and close. There is nothing inherently special about a csv file, work with it like you would with any file in ruby.

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You should proably work with a CSV library (or in the ruby world a gem). So install the gem, and your code will look something like this:

FasterCSV.foreach("path/to/file.csv") do |row|
  # use row here...


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As far as I know, you cannot make inline modifications to the CSV file. You would have to output via another file.

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