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When developing rails applications I usually use thin for my development environment. I like thin because the logs are not outputed directly on STDOUT but instead written in log/{development,production}.log.

Sometimes I just insert a p <some object> inside a controller's action just to have a quick look at some object and debug my code. I know that I could use the rails loggin api but I don't want to do that when for every request you get 1000+ loggin lines.

On my production servers I used thin in the past (I configured apache to work as a proxy for my thin instances). In the log directory thin created a file called thin.log where you can see thin's STDOUT-output.

But in new production server I started using Passenger for my production environment. log/production.log is created and I can see the logs the whole time. But what I really would want to do is to see somewhere Passaneger's STDOUT-output, to get something like log/passenger.log (like thins does).

I've already searched in google about this but I couldn't find anything useful there. Is there a way I could archive that?

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As it seems that nobody knows if this is possible I found here something that works for me fine.

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