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I try lots and lots and searching most of posts, all with same answers. But I have take all the things included which is needed to use location service. My application properly get location and called didUpdateToLocatioon in simulator 5.1. But when I try same code with simulator 4.3, it gives me "server did not accept client registration 68". And when I try to debug the same code with my device with OS 4.3.5, it always go into didFailWithError.Can anyone have the same issue I had since last 2 days. And now I'm really frustrating with same answer from all around which I already did.

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It's just fault of device, with some issue I just switched off the device and now when I run my app in it, without a line of code change. It works fine. After 3 day just wasting my time to posting and searching all.

So, my suggetion is if anyone who have the same issue like when u try to find location and it go into "didFailWithError". Just restrart your device.

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