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I have a drop-down list

In my template,

    <form name="languages" method="post">
        <select id="langSelect" onchange="showDiv(this.value);">
           <option>en (default)</option>
           {% for ele in comments.languages.all %}
           {% endfor %}
        <div><a  onclick="getIndex()">Submit</a></div>



function getIndex(){
    var x = document.getElementById("langSelect").selectedIndex;            

In the html:


How can I get the value of index from getIndex() and pass it back to django template

obj.comments[index].value and index = getIndex()



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check this link, you can use the forloop.counter0 and drop completely the getIndex() javascript function

i don't know exactly what you need, but you can then do something like

{{ c.comments.all.index.text forloop.counter0 }} 

aka: pass the forloop.counter0 value to what you need

nb: i know nothing about {{c.comments.all.index.text}} so maybe my syntax won't work, you have to adapt it to your real usecase

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