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I have the following XPATH that selects elements containing certain strings ("video" or "color" or "black and white"). The issue I am having is that one of the elements that is selected contains a string "video reprints" and although it's correct, I do not want this particular element selected. I thought I could specify NOT in the XPATH as in the following...

//div/A[contains(., 'video') or contains(., 'color') or contains(., 'black and white') and (not (contains(., 'reprint')))]

Any thoughts on how I can remove any selection that contains the string "reprints" from the selections above?

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This is a precedence issue. Just wrap all the or-ed conditions into parentheses:

[( ... or ... or ...) and (not(...))]
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Really it's just because of the way you have your parentheses, so this will work:

//div/A[(contains(., 'video') or contains(., 'color') or contains(., 'black and white')) and not(contains(., 'reprints'))]
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