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Ok Looking for some guidance

I am looking into setting up an central Authentication and Authorisation server for login and access to our Api using DotNetOpenAuth.

So far

OpenId -> Authentication
OAuth -> Authorisation OK ... then it gets messy.

OpenId has an extension for OAuth. (is there much of a need for Connect And Auth2.0 then!)
OpenId Connect is kind of like Auth2.0 ?

OAuth2.0 allows Authentication
Hueinverse mentions that for OAuth2.0 has a new username & password flow

Username and Password Flow – used in cases where the user trusts the client to handle its credentials but it is still undesirable for the client to store the user’s username and password. This flow is only suitable when there is a high degree of trust between the user and the client.

But going from what google mentions about the protocols

OAuth 2.0 is a new, simplified authorization protocol for all Google APIs. OAuth 2.0 relies on SSL for security instead of requiring your application to do cryptographic signing directly. This protocol allows your application to request access to data associated with a user's Google Account.

Authentication doesnt deem to be mentioned.

Using the DotnetOpenAuth it is using its OpenId library for authentication with OAuth2.0.

So ... can someone clear up the details of OpenId Connect and OAuth 2.0 for me please !! :)

Thanks in advance.

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This seems overly broad to be a question for stackoverflow. I recommend you repost your questions to the – Andrew Arnott Mar 5 '13 at 4:42

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