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In robot framework I am loading a library as keywords.

Those keywords are methods in the library.

I know that I can send information directly to the Robot Framework Log file with a simple print statement.

But when my method creates a file, in the same directory as the Log file, how can I create a link to it in the log file?


Robot Framework file:

| *Setting* |
| Library | Testtools
| *Test Case* |
|                   | LogMe

Library file: TestTools.py

def LogMe(self):
    file = open('testfile.txt', 'w+')
    file.write("Line of text")
    print "The test file is found at http://testfile.txt"   #This line is where I need help

I need to know how to put a link to my freshly created file in the log that robot framework will create.

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Turns out to be very simple. Just by adding HTML to the printed string, robot framework will treat it as preformatted text.

All I need to do is change the last line of my code to this:

print "*HTML* The test file is found at <a href=testfile.txt>this location</a>"

And it all works.


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