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So I'm writing a batch file that will be run by a scheduled task. This file executes a DSQuery for certain attributes of users in AD.

Here's my query:

dsquery user ou=org_unit,dc=company,dc=local -name * -limit 0 | dsget user -dn -email -tel >a.txt

So my question is how can I separate the output by commas? It shows in the text file in nice columns, but it's going to a place to be parsed out by something else for input into a database, and the parsing rules rely on commas.

I need to turn this:


Into this:


So how can I edit my query to make it output what I need as shown? Is there something else I can run that'll do it for me?

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Never mind. Figured out a CSVDE query to run it.

csvde -m -f test.txt -d "ou=org_unit,dc=domainroot,dc=local" -r objectCategory=Person -l mail,telephoneNumber

Returns what I need, in the format I need.

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