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I have an html form with a table and 2 submit buttons

<input type="image" name="button1" value="First Button" src="some_image.png">
<input type="image" name="button2" value="Second Button" src="some_image.png">

I have a link that I would like to simulate a click on the first button

<a name="link_to_button" value="First Button" href="#" onclick="$(this).parents('form').submit();">test submit</a>

I would like to have 2 links, one that simulates clicking on each submit button so that I can distinguish on the server which one was clicked. thank you

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You could give your buttons inputs IDs, (such as imgBtn1 and imgBtn2) then you could change your Anchor code to:

<a name="link_to_button" value="First Button" href="#" onclick="$('#imgBtn1').click();">test submit 1</a>

<a name="link_to_button" value="Second Button" href="#" onclick="$('#imgBtn2').click();">test submit 2</a>
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This is what I needed, thanks. – Cas Mar 17 '15 at 16:47

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