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I am using open4 to make a system call from Ruby. I'm making the system call in a background thread because the program being launched has the occasional habit of going into a forever loop or something and becoming a zombie and I need to recover from that and kill the zombie when/if that happens. It looks something like this:

    thread = Open4::bg(cmd, 0=>stdin, 1=>stdout, 2=>stderr)
    process_time = 0.0
    while (timeout_status = thread.status && process_time < timeout)
      sleep increment
      process_time += increment
  rescue SpawnError => se

When cmd returns with a non-zero exit status then I get the following:

failed with status <1> signals <> (Open4::SpawnError)
from /Users/huliax/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290/gems/open4-1.3.0/lib/open4.rb:384:in    `block in background'

(note that bg is an alias for background)

So, if you look at background it is calling spawn. If I call spawn directly and the same thing happens I get the error and can rescue it but background won't pass it on for me to catch. Why not?

I can of course set acceptable exit statuses by doing the following:

thread = Open4::bg(cmd, 0=>stdin, 1=>stdout, 2=>stderr, :exitstatus=>[0,1])

or perhaps even:

thread = Open4::bg(cmd, 0=>stdin, 1=>stdout, 2=>stderr, :exitstatus=>[-9999..9999])

or something but I'd really like to just have the error just passed back to the calling code to be handled.

I know things get more complicated with threads and that I don't complete understand all of the whys and hows of what might be happening here. If anyone can help me out both in understanding and perhaps in accomplishing what I'd like to happen I'd appreciated it.

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I can't produce the SpawnError. Can you make the code sample self-contained so that it is runnable? – Martin Vidner Oct 18 '12 at 15:58
meh, I bailed on Open4. Started getting race conditions when I killed any run-away system process launched by spawn(). A SpawnError would just come back in (join) at an indeterminate point in execution. I'm sure there was a right way to use Open4 but the code found in post 8 of this thread in ruby-forum just works and does what I need it to do with no fuss. Got no time to fiddle with something that doesn't work when I've got something that does. – Huliax Oct 22 '12 at 12:40

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