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I have an weird issue, with flexible boxes on Ipad.

I really like -box-flex futures in css3 but,

When I use -webkit-box-flex: 1 on the page, my HTML5 website is very very slow, especially I can feel it when I try to show a popup box, which already exist on the page , I just show/hide the box.

my css ex:

  -webkit-box-flex: 1,
   box-flex: 1

More flex boxes I use, slower Website gets, if I remove all flex and add static width and use float, everything works fine.

Does someone have this issue as well? IS it a webkit bug or something else. Does someone have a fix or an alternative way to use flex?

I found as well this info:


where they suggest to use display: flex; instead display: box; and instead

-webkit-box-flex: 1 to use -webkit-flex: 1

I have tried, and really helps when I use chrome (desktop), but Ipad safari seems like doesn't support new -webkit-flex

I really appreciate any help or suggestion what I can do in my situation.

Thanks !!

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