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Currently investigating this area will update this post if / when i find anything out. Any extra brain power will be much appreciated on this.

similar but not duplicate thread - Android : Check 3G or Wifi network is ON or Available or not on android Device

Use case.

User walking along the road using 3G. When the background service sees that networks are available :

  • Check if the Wifi network that we now see can be associated to.
  • Check if the Wifi provides an active connection (do a test ping and look for expected results)
  • Does the Wifi network need a Wispr Login.
  • If it does perform our Wispr authentication logic.

  • Then ONLY once we have got an active connection, switch the user off of 3G and onto that WiFi network.

Basically, can I send calls specifically using the WIFI device port whilst allowing the user to continue using 3G?


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Looks like there might be a way - Let WiFi and 3G connection work together by hacking ConnectivityService.java - but looks nasty.

Could you enable both - check for wifi connectivity and then disconnect 3g /or wifi depending on the outcome?

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THe link looks good, however I'd rather not have to reboot the whole device / much around with system classes. This will be an app on the play store so if I can do it from within the app would be good. Although on looking at the article in detail maybe unfeasible. Thanks for your response. –  Aiden Fry Oct 18 '12 at 16:24

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