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I will be displaying some results that will be either 0 or 1 in my MVC 4 application. I would like for them to display either yes (1) or no (0). Is there an annotation I can add to my fields to do that? Or do I have to do that in the view somehow...

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In the model, add a backing field and specify the getter for the property

private string _myString;
public string MyString
            _myString = _myString.Equals( "0" ) ? "No" : "Yes";
            return _myString;
        set { _myString = value; }

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You could use a custom HTML helper for this:

or perhaps just a plain extension method. I have one I use for Boolean values.

    public static bool ToYesNo(this Boolean boolValue)
        return (boolValue ? "Yes" : "No");
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My values are strings coming out of the database already. I just want them to display "yes", or "No" Where do you call this extension method, and what is it extending? Maybe the HTML helper will be the better route? – DmainEvent Oct 18 '12 at 15:58

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