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we have a batch java program based on mybatis for data access , running on server 1, which purpose is to print some informations returned by a stored procedure of sql server 2005 running on server 2. We have found that stored procedure uses nearly the 100% memory of server 2, this is due to a bad implmentation of the procedure which contains a lot of nested cursors and we are triyng to change and optimize it. The weird problem is the java application which uses 100% cpu when started. Could it be connected to the above procedure ? after the sp has returned it's values a file gets filled with them. What would happen if the file gets opened before the call of to the procedure , i mean could it be involved in the high cpu using ? Anyway anybody could provide us any good hint about what to investigate ?

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Try putting your call to the Stored Proceedure in a thread. Its possible that its running under the main thread of the application (you didn't give any hints to how the app runs, so I am guessing here). If thats the case, it could be blocking. I am not sure why it would take 100% CPU while blocking, though. It may be something in the JDBC driver or some underlying code trying to test the connection while its hanging around for the answer.

Another idea would be to run it in a debugger, see what threads are created, and which ones are running. Or a profiler could tell you which exact methods were hanging.

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@codeChip that are the same solution i'd supposed. Optimizing the stored procedure seems to have improved the memory usage and the time spent to elaborate. This is the usual situation of bad production code causing spot problems, so we'll investigate further once the appllication has completed a successful run. I'm sure it runs under the main thread, one of the ideas was to lower the priority of the main thread . About the profiler i was thinking to visualvm, can you suggest me someone better or is it fine in your opinion ? and thank for yuor support of course –  Stefano Oct 19 '12 at 7:17

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