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Is it possible to display a multiline string in a Flex DataGridColumn?

i.e. Display:

Text line one.

Text line two.

I've tried putting "\n","\r","
" when storing the string but nothing seems to work.

Currently only "Text line one." is displayed and the rest is hidden in the cell. I would prefer not to use "wordWrap=true" to emulate this behaviour in the cell, but instead be able to manually put in newline breaks (although I could turn on wordWrap to avoid long text from hiding due to cell dimensions). Thanks for any replies.

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you will need to create and itemrenderer and use the mx:Text component. You can then break to a new line using "
", \n, or \r

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Thank you, this works. Takes care of the problem of copying the cell contents too :) –  raptors Aug 18 '09 at 19:48
BTW I had to also set "variableRowHeight=true" in the DataGrid declaration to get multiple lines to display even with the custom renderer. Just FYI to anyone that comes across this. –  raptors Aug 18 '09 at 19:49

Never mind. Setting "wordWrap=true" and "variableRowHeight=true" seems to work.

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I don't know whether you solve your problem or not but might other can get help.

The perfect solution is to

  1. Set variableRowHeight=true;
  2. set wordWrap=true;
  3. for datagride column use itemEditor="mx.controls.TextArea";


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