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I have a HBox as a parent and many child Nodes (Buttons, TextFields, Labels…). The HBox is a child of other container (BorderPane/VBox/Grid)

My questions:

How do I dynamically remove/exclude the parent (HBox) and all its children from layout?

I am looking for some three-state property on Node (like in Microsoft WPF):

Visible – visible and participate in layout

Collapsed – is not visible and do not participate in layout (applies to its children as well)

Hidden – is not visible but participate in layout


What options does JavaFX offer?

My solutions so far:

  • this work only for HBox, its children are still present



  • Well, this looks like it could work.., but for example in case of root being BorderPane, once I remove/add and remove the HBox, the space after it remains unused. I already tried requestLayout() but id does not force thr rrot to fill it. Am I missing something? Is it correct approach to this problem?


Well, I got this working.

Dynamically removing and adding for this specific case can be achieved by:





When I did not call setTop(null) on removal, BorderPane still reserved space for HBox (even after removal from its children).

IMHO: it is not very good model as it is parent-container specific. For example if I change, BorderPane to VBox a I had to change these methods as well. For VBox, remove/add on children collection works but I need to remember index so that HBox appears at same place after calling add.

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Using root.setTop(null) is not a good idea because as you say it's specific to BorderPane.

I think the best solution is to use:


And use layout methods to place your other childrens as you want. But maybe you should not use a BorderPane in the first place with the behaviors you want in your application.

Notice you can also do root.getChildren().clear() to remove all component and add it again to your layout but differently.

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