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I have 2 tables where some of the records will be identical (except for the id)

Table A:

id, numA, codeA
6, 34, aa 
7, 34, bb 
8, 567, bc 

Table B

id, numB, codeB 
1, 34, aa 
2, 34, bb 
3, 567, bc 

I need to run a query on Table B which will check if given combination of num and code exists in Table A and will give the result in such format:

num, concat code
34, (aa,bb) 
567, (bc) 
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Join the two tables and use GROUP_CONCAT

FROM    table1 A
        INNER JOIN table2 b
          on a.numA = b.numB

SQLFiddle Demo

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It worked, thank you very much! It was a "distinct" that I was missing in group_concat. Now it's quite obvious, but yesterday it wasn't :) –  Victoria B Oct 19 '12 at 10:47
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