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I have an application using MVVM pattern. There are some commands implemented using CommandReference and DelegateCommand classes. Thay are binded in the MainWindow InputBindings to some hotkeys. For example: KeyBinding Key="W" Command="{StaticResource WireframeCommandReference}"

And then I have a Properties window which displays some object's properties. Some of those properties are of type 'string' and they are edited shown in TextBox. And here I got a problem. When I try to type 'w' in the TextBox, nothing is typed but the command WireframeCommand is fired. What I want, is to be able to edit a property without firing any commands if a TextBox is active, else to fire a command. Any help?

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Go with a chord (i.e., ctrl-w) or place the bindings below the level of the visual tree where the properties window is defined, closer to where you want this W command binding to be relevant. – Will Oct 18 '12 at 16:15
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Thanks a lot. The decision was to move the commands from MainViewModel to corresponding VMs. In case of wireframe, I moved it into ViewportVM and all works as it should. My problem was that the MainViewModel was used as a global storage for all commands.

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