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I have created a table of user images that when clicked will launch videos. Here is the relevant part of the table:

        <td style="width: 220px;">
        <p><a rel="MP4:webvideos/Featured/Christina" href="#" class="mediamodal videoLink"><img alt="" src="/images/featured/christina.png" /></a><br />
        Overall Vision</p>

        <td style="width: 220px;">
        <p><a rel="MP4:webvideos/Featured/Logan" href="#" class="mediamodal videoLink"><img alt="" src="/images/featured/logan.png" /></a><br />
        Video Control</p>

Now, I have to use the rel attribute for the video to work. Here is the Javascript I am currently using to get the rel attribute:

var mediaDetails = $(".videoLink").attr("rel");

This works great for a single file, but I have a table full of images that need to become clickable links that launch the videos.

How do I assign the mediaDetails variable to a specific link that is found in the rel attribute?

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can you provide more context? –  Daniel A. White Oct 18 '12 at 16:14
I'm using Longtail video player and it requires me to get the rel attribute and assign it to a variable. –  CKallemeres Oct 18 '12 at 16:18

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var mediaDetails;
    mediaDetails = $(this).attr("rel");
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It worked! Thank you! –  CKallemeres Oct 18 '12 at 17:35

use .each().

for example (maybe not related to your code, since you didnt post it)

$(".videoLink").each(function() {
   mediaDetails = $(this).attr("rel");
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