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This is not a Question, just some advise I want to give to you. After hours of googling and testing out, I didn't find a solution that worked on my lightbox. I don't know why, but I just couldn't apply a link into the title, not with htmlentities() etc.

So I came up with my own solution, which is just a workaround. I'm not really satisfied with myself but it's the only way it works for me. So, if you're having the same troubles like me, just add this line of code:

Search for this line of Code in lightbox.js (In my file it was the line 277):


and replace it with this:

$lightbox.find('.lb-caption').html('<span onclick="window.location.href=\'\'">'+this.album[this.currentImageIndex].title+"</span>").fadeIn('fast');

What did I do?

Since .lb-caption is added to display the title attribute, i just wrap the original output in an element and bind a click event to a certain location.

Problem with it: Since I wrapped around the whole title attribute, the whole title attribute becomes a link.

To get the cursor: pointer; effect in css and your standard link layout, just make the title a link. In this way it doesnt has to be htmlentities() decoded link.


<a href="img/image1.png" rel="lightbox[roadtrip]" title="<a class"lightboxlink">This link opens a new page</a>

Another problem is: Now is the link static. (Since we're not using the href of our link).


To add One $_GET Attribute to the link, we just need to fix a few lines. What you do is, in your image call (the part) you add the attribute "rev", means:

Instead of <a href="img/image1.png" rel="lightbox[roadtrip]" title="<a class"lightboxlink">This link opens a new page</a>,

you now use (add the "rev" attribute"):

<a href="img/image1.png" rel="lightbox[roadtrip]" rev="test" title="<a class"lightboxlink">This link opens a new page</a>

Now to the Javascript part...

Search for:

if ($link.attr('rel') === 'lightbox') {

this part, and replace:

link: $link.attr('href'),
      title: $link.attr('title'),


link: $link.attr('href'),
      title: $link.attr('title'),
      rev: $link.attr('rev')

If you go a few lines down you'll see the same part with link: $…., title: $…., replace that part with:

link: $(a).attr('href'),
      title: $(a).attr('title'),
      rev: $(a).attr('rev')

Now we just need to modify our wrapper: (Go back to now line 279, before the $_GET part it was line 277)

    $lightbox.find('.lb-caption').html('<span onclick="window.location.href=\'http://yourdomain.comindex.php?page=contact&t='+this.album[this.currentImageIndex].rev+'\'">'+this.album[this.currentImageIndex].title+"</span>").fadeIn('fast');

We add now '+this.album[this.currentImageIndex].rev+' instead of the static part.

You can repeat this method to add infinite $_GET parameters, just add a new attribute to your image call, and change the javascript like we did in my explanation.

This is a really complicated and unusual way to solve the link in title problem, but its the only way how it will work in my script.

I hope that I helped someone! :)

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