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I have following code to backtrace the error ....but its

$traces = debug_backtrace();

foreach ($traces as $k => $v)
    if ($v['function'] == 'include' 
        || $v['function'] == 'include_once' 
        || $v['function'] == 'require_once' 
        || $v['function'] == 'require')
        $args = ''; 
        if (isset($v['args']) && is_array($v['args']))
            $size = count($v['args']);
            foreach ($v['args'] as $key => $arg)
                $args .= $v['args'][$key];
                if($key < $size)
                    $args .= ', ';

        $traces .= '#' . $k . ' ' 
                 . $v['function']
                 . '('.$args.') called at ['
                 . $v['file'].':'.$v['line'].']';
        $function = (array_key_exists('function',$v)) ? 
                        $v['function'].'() ' : 'function_name';
        $file     = (array_key_exists('file',$v)) ? 
                        $v['file'] : 'file_name';
        $line     = (array_key_exists('line',$v)) ? 
                        $v['line'] : 'line';
        $traces  .= "#{$k} $function called at {$file}:{$line}\n";//This line giving me notice...



I am getting notice as Array to string conversion here:

$traces .= "#$k $function called at $file:$line\n";

I actually want to convert this array into string. Is there any method or function which can do the conversion without giving me any notice...

How do I correct this?

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Either $function, $file or $line is an array... – Squazic Oct 18 '12 at 16:23
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you begin with:

foreach($traces as $k=>$v) <- $traces here is an array

then you try to do

$traces.= "xxx" <- $traces here is handled as a string

i would rather define a $tracestr string for aggregating text content.

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dweeves is correct.. If my assumption is correct, you didn't mean to use the same variable name for the $traces array and the string that you are building – James L. Oct 18 '12 at 16:27
yes man.. just trying to avoid to many variables.. is it not a good way – troy Oct 18 '12 at 16:33

You are not creating array properly

 $args .= $v['args'][$key];

You are creating a string.

 $args = array(); 
                if(isset($v['args']) && is_array($v['args']))
                    $size = count($v['args']);
                    foreach ($v['
                    args'] as $key => $arg)
                       // some of your code
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$trace = debug_backtrace();
foreach($traces as ...)

There's something wrong here. $trace is a Debug Backtrace array. While you foreach($traces) ... which seems undefined. And you append to $traces which is supposed to be a non-scalar to foreach it.

Just name your variables properly and make names different!

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I actually corrected it ... its actually $traces... – troy Oct 18 '12 at 16:30
@troy Why do you append to an array like it was a string $traces .= ...? So where you have $traces .= change to $traces_sz .= and see what happens. And pre-declare it with $traces_sz = ''. – CodeAngry Oct 18 '12 at 16:32

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