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How can I, using CQLINQ, get collection of input arguments for current method? There is any collection like "Arguments" or "Parameters" only "NbParamenter" which is not suitable for my purposes.

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Indeed, CQLinq doesn't have this feature yet. However, in many cases you can compensate thanks to the fact that the properties ICodeElement.Name and IMember.FullName, for a IMethod, contain the coma separated list of names of the parameters types. For example here is the FullName of a method:


and here is its Name:


Here is for example a CQLinq rule that harnesses parameters types names, to match event handlers methods:

// <Name>Event handler methods should be declared private</Name>
warnif count > 0
from m in Application.Methods where 
  !m.IsPrivate &&

   // A method is considered as event handler if...
   m.NbParameters == 2 &&            // ...it has two parameters..
   m.Name.Contains("Object") &&    // ...of types Object...
   m.Name.Contains("EventArgs") && // ...and EventArgs

   // Discard special cases
  !m.ParentType.IsDelegate &&

select new { m,m.Visibility }
// This rule implementation relies on the facts that:
// -> A method name contains the type of its parameters.
// -> All EventArgs derived types have the suffix "EventArgs".
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It's acceptable workaround. Thanks –  user1501306 Oct 19 '12 at 13:26
Glad you find it acceptable :) –  Patrick from NDepend team Oct 19 '12 at 15:31
This is fine if you only want the type, but doesn't help if you want to look for specific parameter names :( –  tjrobinson Apr 10 '14 at 12:21
Has nDepend 6 resolved this? I wanted to get a list of parameters and their attributes if any. e.g. [CallerMemberName]. As tjrobinson mentions, the above code does not seem to help in our case. –  Micky Duncan Jun 22 at 6:45
Np not yet, NDepend v6 didn't solve this –  Patrick from NDepend team Jun 22 at 13:57

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