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With Firefox 16 and Firebug 1.10.4 When I do

window.open("about:blank", "ventanaNueva", "scrollbars=1");

the "scrollbars=1" option disables Firebug and I can't inspect elements neither open console.

In firefox 15 it worked fine. Any advice ?

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I think this problem is in generall with popups which are opened with window.open() –  rekire Oct 18 '12 at 16:48

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Meanwhile, you can can always use Firefox Web Console with CTRLSHIFTK, and web tools by right clicking on the page...

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Is a issue of this version of firebug, this solve in Firebug 1.11

check firebug-1.11.0a4.xpi (The actual alpha version at 18 Oct 2012)

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