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I am writing a bash script with expect in it.

/usr/bin/expect << EOD
    spawn ssh -p $PORT -i $KEY $HOST
    expect "*#"
    send "sh somescript\r"
    expect "Prompt from script:"
    send "$IP1\r"
    expect "Second Prompt from script"
    send "$IP2\r"


I am expecting to get the control back so that user can interact with the script after sending IP2 , but the script terminates, logs out of session from remote host. Any pointers please ?

Thank you Amit

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Does this help you? stackoverflow.com/q/7737280/1030675 –  choroba Oct 18 '12 at 16:58

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You are not setting "expect" commands, but just sending to "expect"'s stdin.

You can use "-c" to specify expect command like below, or "-f" to specify command file.

/usr/bin/expect -c "
  spawn ssh -p $PORT -i $KEY $HOST
  expect \"*#\"
  send \"sh somescript\r\"
  expect \"Prompt from script:\"
  send \"$IP1\r\"
  expect \"Second Prompt from script\"
  send \"$IP2\r\"
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