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As the official documentation does not say how the hell to do a simply "num_rows" with their system, i need some help here: How to get the amount of rows in the result set ?

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This will work for insert, update and delete:


execute(): performs a non-query SQL statement, such as INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. If successful, it returns the number of rows that are affected by the execution.

For select, you could do the following:


This generates the CDbDataReader instance and CDbDataReader provides a rowCount property


$rowCount = $dataReader->rowCount;

About rowCount => Returns the number of rows in the result set. Note, most DBMS may not give a meaningful count. In this case, use "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tableName" to obtain the number of rows.

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ActiveRecord has count method which can be used.

$cntCriteria = new CDbCriteria();
$cntCriteria->condition = "categoryId = :categoryId";
$cntCriteria->params[':categoryId'] = $categoryRow->categoryId;
$articleCount = Article::model()->count($cntCriteria);
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There is one more way to do this. When we execute a sql query it will return the result as array only. So we can able get the count of the rows using count() function like below.

$output=User::model()->findAllBySql("select * from user");//User is a model belongs to the user table
$count_val=count($output);//$count_val has the value of number of rows in the output.
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