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The scenario is the following:

Company A has an app that I'm customizing for company B. Company B would like to initially keep the app private within Company B and authorized resellers of Company B's products. In the future, Company B may want to make the app available to the general public in the public App Store.

It seems that the 'Custom B2B' app option is the right option as a developer and then distribute the app through the VPP to Company B, but I'm not clear on what I have to do to make the App also available in the general App Store when needed.

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You can just change the VPP flag in iTunes Connect afterwards and then it will be publicly available. Not only for registered VPP customers. (And VPP is still possible, since every app in the appstore may be purchased via the VPP).

Section: Rights and Pricing
There is a checkbox called Custom B2B App.

Quoting the info Text:

An app that is set up as a custom B2B app will only be available to the Volume Purchase Program customers that you specify in iTunes Connect, and it will only be available in the applicable territories (for example, U.S. Volume Purchase Program customers must use the U.S. App Store Volume Purchase Program for Business). Custom B2B apps will not be available to educational institutions or general App Store customers. To learn more about the App Store Volume Purchase Program for Business, visit To learn more about how your customers can sign up for the Volume Purchase Program, visit

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Where can I find this flag? – Loktar Feb 1 '13 at 0:44
updated my answer.. – jaydee3 Feb 1 '13 at 10:06

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