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How do I run JBOSS 5.x outside Eclipse? I'm using Eclipse Juno latest version. One of the requirements of Automated testing is to run JBoss outside. Anybody has ideas how I go about that?

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Download JBoss, install and run it. I don't get the question.

Or do you mean one of the many sub-projects?

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I meant to say running JBOSS from command line using Startup.bat- as opposed to from within Eclipse. There must be a special setup for running JBOSS in command line to work! – Kaiser R Oct 18 '12 at 17:43
  • When you unzip jboss, you will find a sub folder called bin, inside that you should fine run.bat :-).
  • From Eclipse use an ant script to create a war and copy it to the jboss deploy directory.
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