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I am running Eclipse v3.4.1 with weblogic plugin (Oracle Server Tools v1.2.0.200907171310). I am running Oracle Weblogic 10gR3 locally.

On the server tab within Eclipse, I click the Start Server button but receive the following error message:

'startWebLogic.cmd' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I think this has somehting to do with my Eclipse environment because when I run the same startup script from outside the IDE on the command line, it runs and starts the server successfully.

Has anyone else experienced this problem before?

Thanks in advance

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That error message sounds like the one that comes from Windows when you try to run a file, and Windows can't find it. For example, see this blog post; or just enter a nonsense command on the cmd.exe command line, and you'll get a similar error message.

Maybe your Eclipse is somehow running with a different PATH than your cmd.exe command window?

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Jon, Thanks for the reply. How do I check/change my PATH in Eclipse? Thanks – JamesB Aug 18 '09 at 22:39
@JamesB - Good question, I don't actually know! Another thought, although it might be using a sledgehammer to solve a much smaller problem: You could try using a tool like Filemon ( to see where (at what location(s)) Eclipse is looking for the startWebLogic.cmd file -- that might give you a clue. – Jon Schneider Aug 19 '09 at 1:18


I have solved the problem.

I found this thread which describes problems using Tomcat with Eclipse:

Anyway, I deleted the pref files as suggested at the bottom of this forum thread. I then used the wizard in Eclipse to setup a new Server and it now starts/stops perfectly through the IDE. I'm unsure how Eclipse got into this state in the first place mind.

Thanks for your help.

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Cool, glad you got the problem fixed. And thanks for sharing your solution, hopefully it will be helpful to others. – Jon Schneider Aug 20 '09 at 1:38

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