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I am new here. I am fighting with one problem like whole day and my friend told me, to check this site and make an topic about my problem. So I am here, tired of tryin and searching for resultion. About the problem: I want to start database on my postgres server by phpPgAdmin, but suddenly thanks to php(?) I am not allowed to. The things looks like, that after loggin to phppgadmin without any problems, I am creating a database. Creation always goes fine, but the problem arrive just after that. I am not allowed to see what is inside and I am not even allowed to clic on the database, because the database cannot be loaded. It pops up some crazy error. The error looks like that: "Error Loading database.php?subject=database&server= (500: Internal Server Error)"

http://speedy.sh/Skp8j/postgres1.jpg http://postimage.org/image/hc56f1qnb/full/

Seriously I am tired of it already, I really hope so, that you guys can help me.

with regards Dariss

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Can you check your phperrors log file, or if you don't have one setup, your apache error log, and see if there is any useful log data in there? –  hexist Oct 18 '12 at 18:11

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Heres the log file from apache. Tried to get an log file from php, but as far as I see, it do not generate any. ------nvm already :)

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Nvm, fixed it. The issue was all about permissions. Log file nessecry thing :) –  Dariss Oct 18 '12 at 19:58

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