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I have the below error when trying to verify my application for upload to the App Store:

Application failed codesign verification. The signature was invalid, contains disallowed entitlements, or it was not signed with an iPhone Distribution Certificate.

I realise that this question has been asked 1000's of times before, and I have spend the last 3 days trying various suggestions on the web without any luck.

Info that might help and things that I have tried.

  1. I am using Xcode 4.5 on OSX 10.7.5
  2. I have uploaded previous versions of this specific app to the App Store before (on prior versions of Xcode) without issues, and with the distribution profile I am using.
  3. I have uploaded two other apps to the App Store two weeks ago on this version of Xcode without issues (with the distribution profile I am trying to use as it is a wildcard profile).
  4. I have gone through the suggestions in this document without any luck: tn2250
  5. When I run the below command on the app: codesign -dvvv /path/to/ I get "…..xcarchive: code object is not signed at all"
  6. Ah, ha I think!…unfortunately when I run the same command on the archive of previous versions of this specific app that was submitted to the App Store without issues I get the same result.

  7. I get the same result ("…..xcarchive: code object is not signed at all") when running the below command: codesign -d --entitlements - /path/to/

  8. When I run the above two commands on the apps that were loaded tow
  9. The profile I am using is a wildcard profile, but I have tried an app specific one as well
  10. I have tried creating a new distribution provisioning profile and using that

Does anyone have any ideas what I should try next? I really need this update to go through as there are some issues with iOS 6 that this resolves and I have upset customers!

Many thanks in advance.


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First, AppStore verification team does mistakes (like they said me once no crash log was produced but it appeared they had a log as they figured after I spent money to ask support how could the app crash w/o log). Second, the new Xcode does some things silently and automatically, it generates standard entitlements depending on the build configuration - you should check the app was not build against Debug one. – A-Live Oct 18 '12 at 18:28
Hi, thanks for the reply. It is the validation from Xcode that is causing the issue, and I have built that app a number of times all with the same result. Just tested again and it is not a Debug build. Thanks again. – guytz72 Oct 18 '12 at 21:19

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