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so I forgot to pull my code before editing it and then when I committed the new code and tried to push, I got the error push is not possible, at that point I did a "git pull" which made some files with conflict highlighted. I removed the conflicts but I don't what to do from here.

I tried to git commit again but it says "commit is not possible because you have unmerged files"

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If you have fixed the conflicts you need to add the files to the stage with git add [filename], then commit as normal.

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What if those are the files I have not been working on? Should I then still add them? What is the best way to deal with it? –  R11G Jun 19 '13 at 12:50

You can use git stash to save the current repository before doing the commit you want to make (after merging the changes from the upstream repo with git stash pop). I had to do this yesterday when I had the same problem.

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