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I'm new to smarty and prestashop. I'm building a quick, dirty module that pulls out cms pages with a particular category:

$result = Db::getInstance()->executeS('SELECT * 
FROM ps_cms_lang
INNER JOIN ps_cms ON ps_cms_lang.id_cms = ps_cms.id_cms
WHERE ps_cms.id_cms_category =2
AND id_lang =1
LIMIT 0 , 30');

$smarty->assign('news', $result);

So far this is all working dandy. Thing is I want to format some of this data before I assign it to the template variable (news). How do I do this? 6 fields are returned in the $result variable. How do I get at them and do what I need (which is essentially just truncating some of the text in the description field that is returned) to do and then package them back up for the assign?

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You may use $result as array, for example: $result['id_cms'].

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