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How can I add items and an index to a combo box, I've got the below, but it says it's an invalid argument:

Me.lstDataSet.AddItem wsB.Range("B5"), wsB.Range("A5")

A5 is an integer (index) value [34] and B5 is a string/date (actual) value [04 Jan 2012]. For reference, code that comes before this imports the last updated/inserted record from a database.

What I want to achieve is to have the combobox display [ 001 | String Value ], ie display two columns, which I can then reference later.

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to add items to the second column, use .List

Me.ComboBox1.AddItem "1"
Me.ComboBox1.List(0, 1) = "testing" ' add text in second column (0 based array)
Me.ComboBox1.AddItem "2342"
Me.ComboBox1.List(Me.ComboBox1.ListCount-1, 1) = "more testing" 
' add it to last item added, no need to remember where you are
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