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I'm developing a system in python, and one functionality I need is the ability to have console output go to both the console and a user-specified file. This is replicating the Diary function in MATLAB. I have the following that works perfectly well on both IDLE on windows and python cmdline in ubuntu (this all exists inside a module that gets loaded):

class diaryout(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.terminal = sys.stdout = None

    def __del__(self):
            # do nothing, just catch the error; maybe it self was instantiated, but never opened
            1/1 = None

    def dclose(self):

    def write(self, message):

    def dopen(self,outfile):
        self.outfile = outfile
   = open(self.outfile, "a")
        except Exception, e:
            # just pass out the error here so the Diary function can handle it
            raise e

def Diary(outfile = None):# NEW TO TEST
    global this_diary

    if outfile == None:
        # None passed, so close the diary file if one is open
        if isinstance(this_diary, diaryout):
            sys.stdout = this_diary.terminal    # set the stdout back to stdout
            this_diary.dclose()                 # flush and close the file
            this_diary = None                   # "delete" it
        # file passed, so let's open it and set it for the output           
        this_diary = diaryout()                 # instantiate
            this_diary.dopen(outfile)           # open & test that it opened
        except IOError:
            raise IOError("Can't open %s for append!"%outfile)
            this_dairy=none                     # must uninstantiate it, since already did that
        except TypeError:
            raise TypeError("Invalid input detected - must be string filename or None: %s"%Diary.__doc__)   
            this_dairy=none                     # must uninbstantiate it, since already did that
        sys.stdout = this_diary                 # set stdout to it

Far superior to both IDLE and the plain python cmline, I'm using ipython; herein my problem lies. I can turn on the "diary" perfectly fine with no error but the display on the console gets messed. The attached screenshot shows this screenshot. The output file also becomes similarly garbled. Everything goes back to normal when I undo the redirection with Diary(None). I have tried editing the code so that it never even writes to the file, with no effect. It seems almost like something is forcing an unsupported character set or something I don't understand.

Anyone have an idea about this?

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Note that IPython has a logging function built in - have a look at the %logstart magic function. – Thomas K Oct 19 '12 at 12:24
I will look into this. However, I would like what I'm developing to be independent of ui (i.e. it should NOT require ipython). – Dr. Drew Oct 28 '12 at 14:13

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