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I'm building a Mac app. I want to be able to drag an image into my app and then press a button to resize the image into a smaller dimension. Then, I will export the image back to the original folder it came from. (Similar to the app Prepo)

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I have years of iOS experience, but this is my first Mac app. I found a bash script to resize the images: gist.github.com/837916 I just need to know how to drag in image into the window, access it programmatically, and run the script on it (if it's possible to run a bash script from Xcode.) This app will be used internally, not on the App Store if that matters. – asdfassdf Oct 18 '12 at 19:23
If that's all you need the application for, you could do this very simply with Automator, kind of like this – dbr Oct 19 '12 at 6:36

Take a look at Drag and Drop Programming Topics.

Cocoa gives you the ability to implement sophisticated drag-and-drop capabilities both within your application and between applications. This programming topic describes how you can implement drag-and-drop with just a few methods.

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