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I have two schemas, and one schema needs to modify data in the other schema. To facilitate this, I have granted privileges to the table as SYSDBA:

GRANT INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT ON schema1.mytable TO schema2;

This returns the message Grant succeeded.

However, when schema2 tries to do an update on schema1, I get a permissions error telling me that I do not have the privileges to do an update. I took a look at the grants tab in mytable in SQLPLUS, and it apparently shows that I don't have privileges:

INSERT       schema2    No         schema1     mytable
UPDATE       schema2    No         schema1     mytable
SELECT       schema2    No         schema1     mytable
DELETE       schema2    No         schema1     mytable

How is this possible?

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There must be some other error. Schema2 does have permissions on schema1.mytable -- just not the permission to "regrant" these permissions to someone else.

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You are probably right.. I misunderstood what 'Grantable' meant. –  user1636922 Oct 18 '12 at 20:32

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