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I tried looking this up both on here, and just using google but wasn't able to find a ton of information. I'm a senior in college, and don't have a ton of experience with things outside of Java (though I have no issues with learning new things obviously). I'm ultimately looking to take a live video feed from something like a security camera, and develop software to do something with it. Whether it be drawing lines and shapes on the ground, displaying a logo, or facial recognition, and I have no idea what this type of software development would be considered. As such I don't know what I could look up to learn more about it.

I noticed the following link which had some useful information, but I'm looking to learn a little bit more about things I could do to achieve similar goals. Displaying a digital "Down Marker" on a live video feed

Thanks for your time!

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The the field of overlay of artificial forms or model on live video feed is called Augmented reality. One Open source library that is currently widely used for a number of computer vision related tasks is OpenCV so you could look at it as starting point.

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I have one project in which I capture the video with an Osprey card (or similar Windows compatible card), use DirectShow.NET to capture it and get the frames out, use GDI+ to draw on the image, and then display/encode the result for later use.

Something about that is also said here: Add Watermark to Capture stream

It says only something about drawing on the frames, not about detecting something on it - but since you'll be having complete frame encoded in RGB, you'll be able to do your processing at will.

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