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I'm an experienced desktop developer, but a new embedded developer who finds myself immersed in the Green Hills INTEGRITY world. Training is not an option due to budget constraints. Is anybody out there aware of any particularly good materials (online or otherwise) to get me up to speed on the basic concepts of working in this environment?

Thanks, Dave

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Dave - are you asking using a real-time operating system, or more specifically about INTEGRITY-specific stuff (such as the API, driver model, etc.) The former is easier to help with. The latter, I'd rely heavily on the vendor for documentation, presentations, support, etc. Also David Kleidermacher (GHS CTO) has a book on embedded systems security, it makes numerous references to INTEGRITY. –  Dan Oct 18 '12 at 23:01
Well, at this point I don't know some of the things I don't know to ask about, so it's a little tough. I'll need everything from the basics like maneuvering around the file system to development-specific activities like building, transferring the resultant image to my device, and running / debugging. I'd love to take MUL-100 and INT-100 as seen at ghs.com/training.html. Unfortunately, taking the training is not an option (again, budget constraints), but that's the kind of info I need to learn. –  Dave Oct 19 '12 at 0:08

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