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When debugging my app on HTC Sense, I have got (i believe it is) an exception for the following NoClassDefFoundError on android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException

The piece of code, where it seems to break is when calling this line of code

ArrayResponse<Grid> response = (ArrayResponse<Grid>) HttpHandler.getHttpHandler().processGet(url, ArrayResponse.class, listType);       

Anyone has ever encountered something like this.


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You'd better contact the HTC service center. Hope this can help you.

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If your HTC sense is running android API Version < 11 (HONEYCOMB), android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException is not yet available.

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In other words, prior to API Level 11, you could perform a networking operation on your UI thread without an exception being thrown (though it still wasn't a good idea). What I don't get is why the poster is getting the NoClassDefFoundError, though--is there an attempt to catch a NetworkOnMainThreadException somewhere, or is that class otherwise being invoked somehow? – hBrent Oct 18 '12 at 21:49

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