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I have a collection of , lets say 20 items... I want to filter my results and show 5 of them. Index at 5 to 9, lets say..

my html

{{#each myCol}} <br>
   <div id="{{this.controlName}}"></div>

so far my js

var myData = {
    myCol: this.collection.models

for ( var i = 5; i < 10; i++) {
    var newCol = this.collection.at(i);

so obviously, it is still drawing all the collection items, rather than index 5 to 9 which I wanted to happen...

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The models inside a collection is just an array so you can use slice:

var five_to_nine = this.collection.models.slice(5, 10);

Or you could throw a toArray into the mix if you don't want to access the collection's models directly:

var five_to_nine = this.collection.toArray().slice(5, 10);

You could also add a slice method into your collection if you're doing this often:

var C = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    slice: function(begin, end) {
        return this.models.slice(begin, end);

and then you could simply:

var five_to_nine = this.collection.slice(5, 10);

Your five_to_nine would be an array of models though so you'd have to toJSON them manually if your template needs that:

var json = _(five_to_nine).map(function(m) { return m.toJSON() });
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Thank you.......... –  myTD Oct 18 '12 at 22:36

Maybe this way?

var newCol = []
for ( var i = 5; i < 10; i++) {
var myData = {
    myCol: newCol
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Thank you............ This worked too.. –  myTD Oct 18 '12 at 22:36

For filtering collection using backbone the best approach is to fetch the collection and the return a subset filtered collection this will also make you code more reusable

To make the filter you should have a filtered function in your collection

var MyCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend ({
  filtered : function ( min , max) { 

I suggest to use UnderScore filter which will return true for valid and false for invalid where true is what you are looking for. use this.models to get the current collection models use model.get( '' ) to get the element you want to check for

    var results = _.filter( this.models, function ( model ) {           
        if ( model.get('index') >= min && model.get('index') <= max ) 
        return true ; 
        return false ;

Then use underscore map your results and transform it to JSON like

    results = _.map( results, function( model ) { return model.toJSON()  } );

Finally returning a new backbone collection with only results

    return new Backbone.Collection( results ) ;

Optionally if you don't want to keep all the data in the collection but just the filtered one you should reset the collection and skip the above return like

    this.reset( results ) ; 

View : call the filtered method and use render() on each of the item

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