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Is there a keyboard shortcut in Visual Studio 2012 to select the failed unit test so I can see the message that goes along with it?


When I run the unit tests, Visual Studio only shows a summary (see screenshot 1).

However, what I am interested in is the failure message (see screenshot 2). And I'd like to get there with a keyboard shortcut, i.e. without touching the mouse.

Screenshot 1

The Test Explorer view without any test selected. So only a summary is shown.

enter image description here

Screenshot 2

The Test Explorer view with a failing test selected. Now, I see the failure message.

enter image description here

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Should probably be on programmers.stackexchange.com – Platinum Azure May 23 '13 at 14:29

You could select a test by traversing the test list using Key Down/Up (either tab or arrow key down to the test list and then use arrow key down/up to select the test you are interested in).

Best wishes, Qing

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